Improving Health Care.


In today's global economy, we are experiencing a shortage of trained healthcare providers. The World Health Organization estimates that the world will be short of 12.9 million health-care workers by 2035. This means that now more than ever we need to support our physicians to maximize their efficiency and save lives.

With the need to streamline healthcare services in the US and abroad, many challenges still stand in the way. The foremost of which is doctors  managing  the paperwork that accompanies each patient. In the US, it is estimated that a doctor spends twice as long on paperwork than they spend seeing patients. We aim to combat this trend, using advanced technologies (like AI assistants) custom made for the providers who use them.

We hope to add value to the health care system by reducing the clerical burden which contributes to physician burnout. More, we believe in adding value to health care systems by empowering  healthcare practitioners because the #1 determinant in quality care is access to quality patient-doctor interactions.

— Clinics |MD