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Our Mission:


eliminate paperwork

For every hour physicians see patients, they are spending nearly two additional hours on paperwork. We believe we can turn those numbers around using artificial intelligence to tackle clerical burden in Health Care. 

connect doctors & patients

The number of trained health care professionals is limited. Physician shortages lead to lower quality care and higher costs for consultation. Our goal is to assist healthcare profesionals by optimizing their workflow.

Reduce physician burnout

By improving how Healthcare settings operate, we can improve both the satisfaction and productivity of our providers — adding value to healthcare systems across the globe. 


Technology Customized for Healthcare

Clinics M.D. is a service that provides customizable, artificially intelligent tools to optimize healthcare practices. Whether its patient scheduling assitance, registering for continuing education credits, or ordering medical devices — Clinics M.D. provides the support that doctors need to streamline their operations.

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What we do:

Working with a team of trained health care providers based in the United States, we developed a platform that is tailor-made to address a common pain point in the Healthcare industry —paperwork. Through our chatbot-powered services, we provide the administrative assistance that healthcare professionals need. 


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